MAVS has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of combs for the thread rolling, which allows us to offer our customers the assurance that our products will be of the most demanding quality and the highest reliability.

Being unique in the market in offering precision tools for the thread rolling individually.

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From MAVS we offer a personalized service to our clients, we are designers and producers of unique threading combs, and that makes us understand that each customer is, in turn, unique.

For all of them we offer the possibility to initially request a budget, valuation, cost and deadline. Also our after-sales service is nº1: in case of failure we solve the incidence, replacing the product if necessary with no cost. From MAVS we consider that the satisfaction of our clients comes first.

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Quality is that quality that certifies that a product is optimal, whether in design, manufacturing or performance, quality describes what is good, by definition, everything that is quality is synonymous with guarantee.

According to ISO, quality is: “degree in which a set of characteristics inherent to an object (product, service, process, person, organization, system or resource) meets the requirements.”

In such a way, with our eyes always focused on the development, evolution and adaptation of our processes, our goal is to fulfill that objective, and therefore guarantee our customers a quality product.

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Our desire is the dedication to each of our projects, considering that each one of them is unique.

From MAVS we offer you the possibility of learning without cost: we will value your project individually and professionally.

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What we offer

At MAVS we have the experience and essential resources destined to reach the maximum quality in our combs for thread rolling :

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