The process, both of the design, manufacture and elaboration of our products, is carried out in a meticulous way, counting on the technology required to develop new projects and be able to carry out its production, ensuring the correct operation of it, thanks to the team in see I+D+I growth.

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Likewise, from MAVS we maintain a policy in which the client must be 100% satisfied with our work. This implies that our product is continuously examined through different control points. With this we understand that our work must be exact, which allows us to assure our clients that we can solve any problem. We give ourselves to our clients and with that we offer resolutions to the problems.

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Knowing the importance of screw threading, in case of incidence, in MAVS we are committed to the study of any anomaly that the client can detect in our design, taking the pertinent actions to solve it.

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From MAVS we offer the reliability of a job well done. Our experience supports us and the quality of a highly qualified team, together with the quality controls we perform on all our products, allow us to offer a job at the highest level of demand. If you want to know more about our controls, manual processing or quality of our combs for thread rolling, do not hesitate and contact us.

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What we offer

At MAVS we have the experience and essential resources destined to reach the maximum quality in our combs for thread rolling :